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About Color Accounting™

Color Accounting™ is a social enterprise and was developed to address the difficulty that many people face when trying to understand accounting: an abstract educational process that has remained largely unchanged since it was first documented more than 500 years ago.

For more than a decade, educational organization, Color Accounting International has developed and refined its proprietary Color Accounting™ education system. 

Certified trainers operate in dozens of countries around the world. The independent trainers in Canada work together to serve Canadians through this website.

A New Way To Learn Finance!

Three dimensional tools and color-coded diagrams bring balance sheets and income statements (P&L) alive. The workshop generally runs over 2 days. Each participant receives a pack with a full-color workbook, stationery, magnetic storyboard and buckets, perforated journals and other equipment.

Participants hold, manipulate and engage directly with learning materials gaining new insights into their business’ finances. They leave able to read and analyze a balance sheet and income statement. They will be accounting literate and will be positioned to rapidly apply the concepts to business issues, advanced financial analysis and for powerful communication.

Participants build a rigorous accounting-based model of how business works. This model is a platform for subsequent business education. The power of the program lies in the learners’ ability to see the big picture implications of the numbers, while also comprehending “the numbers” on a detailed level.