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Colour Accounting Corona, CA

Color Accounting™ Course Overview

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define what accounting is and understand the language of finance
  • Explain the accounting duality
  • Determine the financial impacts of typical business transactions
  • Apply the accounting thought process
  • Review and interpret financial information
  • Gain essential business acumen
  • Manage profitability, cash flow and working capital better
  • Communicate better with strategic stakeholders

Financial Literacy Course

Visual. Interactive. Different. Learning is hands-on, engaging and quick. Financial Literacy has never looked so good!

Accounting is a language, and a focus on plain language is one of the features that sets Color Accounting™ apart from regular accounting classes. Color Accounting™ has identified three fundamental keys to learning accounting.  Without all three keys, you won’t truly ‘get’ accounting.  And with the three keys, learning accounting becomes EASY.  We call them the Aspects of Learning: (1) Structure, (2) Language, and (3) Movement.

When you grasp the three keys, the results are almost unbelievable.  True, deep, powerful and rapid understanding of accounting… and incredibly quickly.

But it does not end there.  Not only does Color Accounting™ deliver a totally robust understanding of accounting, but a unique model called the Color Accounting ‘Value Cycle’ has learners grasp how the business itself works, with greater clarity.  Learners gain an unforgettable mental model of how to improve profitability, and a permanent ability to make more informed and better decisions. We have clients who have told us it has changed the whole way they see their business. 

Accounting workshopRegular accounting programs explain accounting mechanically, and mathematically, like an equation. And they rely on the directions left and right to distinguish key concepts (you may have heard of ‘T-accounts’). But many people are scared by math… and humans don’t process sides that well.  It takes a child until about 8 years old to stop mixing up ‘E’ & ‘3’ and ‘d’ & ‘b’.  But a toddler can tell colors apart.  Which explains why Color Accounting™ is so instinctive and simple, even for adults!  Color Accounting™ explains accounting graphically, using 2-dimensional diagrams and three-dimensional devices. Accounting unfolds as a simple system before your very eyes. 

In a 3-hour seminar to a 3-day workshop, you use all your primary learning senses. A Color Accounting™ workshop is filled with laughter, engagement and very serious learning.  Some of the world’s largest companies are using Color Accounting™ to train hundreds of their staff.  In academia schools and colleges are using Color Accounting™ to augment their traditional curricula. 

For more than a decade, educational organization, Color Accounting International has developed and refined the patented Color Accounting™ system.  Much like the Macintosh and Windows graphical interfaces made using computers much easier, Color Accounting™ uses a graphic called the BaSIS Framework™ to make accounting easier.  The graphical system has proved itself time and again with tens of thousands of students in live classroom situations at leading universities, business schools, banks, law firms, start-up incubators and companies around the world. And now it’s in an online course too. 

Color Accounting™ is distributed by a passionate community of licensed Solution Providers, Trainers, and Educators. Each is a pioneer with a conviction that the new financial literacy sets people free from fear, to achieve their dreams.