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I empower frustrated, bootstrapping HustlerPreneurs to increase revenues and profits so that they can have complete clarity to build the business of their dreams!

My Story

According to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, “70 million Americans have a criminal record – that’s one in three adults,” hence, individuals who have the invisible label of being a felon securing employment above minimum wage is (even if qualified to secure such) almost impossible!

Therefore, I am a recovering Federal felon. No, not a recovering chemical addict but rather an individual recovering from my prison release and Federal felon label to mainstreaming back into America’s society as a productive contributing senior citizen.

STOP right there before you leave because of the label – Federal felon.

The label does not by any means present my true ethical characteristics. The charges were for aiding and abetting – just like Eve did to Adam when she shared with Adam about the fruit. The only difference between my story and Adam and Eve’s story is that I did not know that the activity that I shared with my two friends was according to the government illegal.

Now mind you, I fought the charges because to this day I believe I should have been found “not guilty” by the jury but I rest assured with this one thing—God is not finished with my story and until He is finished with my story, I shall continue with the purpose he has given me – providing information and tools for individuals to recover economically!

BTW, I did achieve some good during the incarceration period – I went into prison weighing 250 pounds and came out 70 pounds lighter. PLUS, I was able to write the course outlines that I teach today!

As you see by the gray hairs that I possess, I am no spring chicken. And you are correct in that assumption. When I was released from the Federal Bureau of Prison in March 2018, I was eligible to receive social security retirement benefits. Now, this monthly stipend is nice to start but not sufficient to truly live comfortably in Southern California with zero financial family support, unbankruptable debt of almost $80,000 (which by the way there are three creditors that now garnish a sizable portion of this retirement income) and the title of being a felon.

Problems? Challenges? Yep! But months before the legal battle began, I believe God gave me the Eight Principles for Individual Economic Recovery that is found in 2 Kings 4:1-7 to share with the world. I did not realize that His plan included me living the world of disparity in order to exercise the principles He shared with me taught in the 2 Kings 4:1-7 story.

The 2Kings 4:1-7 is a story of the widow woman whose husband had died and left her in debt. Now the creditor was coming to the widow woman to enslave her two sons in order to settle the debt and the widow woman was not up for that. She sought help through Elisha.

Principle #1: Have your why. See the widow woman had her why. Income to settle the husband’s date and save her children from slavery. Can you identify with her pain?

I too have my why. Do you have YOUR why? What is your why?

With the widow woman seeking help via Elisha, to me, I see it as obtaining what today we refer to as a business coach. Yes, Elisha may frequently refer to him as a prophet but today and in this story, he proved to be a business development coach.

Principle #2: It is okay to get a business coach or two. I have several for specific areas. Who is your business coach or are your business coaches for your business?

The story continues that upon Elisha learning the widow woman’s plight that he asked her “what is that you have?” And the widow woman’s immediate response was “I have nothing” and after some thought added “save for a little oil.”

Principle #3: Self-inventory. What is it that you have? Now being the inquisitive person that I am, I asked God why she hesitated in her response…and His response to me was “because she had been giving it away!”

Ouch. That response was like stepping on my toes. It hurt. What about for you? What is it that you have that can become your inventory for your financial restoration?

Elisha then instructs the widow woman to go borrow many vessels, not a few from her neighbors, take them into her house, close the door behind her, have her sons hand her those vessels and fill them with oil until there is no more.

Principle #4: Pre-fund your business. Today, it is referred to crowdfunding. Yes, crowdfunding began back in the Old Testament time and not just 20 years ago. How do you intend to fund your business start-up?

Principle #5: Have a business plan. Now I assist business owners write their business plans but ole Bro. Elisha did his in so few statements. Let’s check what he presented her. Product, check. Location, check. Employees, check (yes, her children became her employees). Workflow, check. Location, check. Do you have your business plan?

Now I also want to make note here that what we also have here is the FIRST home-based business. Pretty cool, huh.

Now, here are two additional principles that the story presents.

Principle #6: Being coachable. So far, the widow woman has presented being coachable. Are you too coachable? Open to receiving sound instruction and then following it?

Principle #7: Involving community and family. The widow woman’s community was very limited compared to today’s community which is global. She could only go as far as either her camel, donkey, horse, or legs would take her on a day’s journey. Today, we are blessed with such things as the internet and telephones and more.

WE can do greater things than this example.

And, finally,

Principle #8: Know your business numbers. After completing the filing of all the collected jars she returns to Elisha and asks “what to do now” and Elisha instructed her “to go sell the filled jars and she should have sufficient to not only settle the debt but have sufficient to live off of for the remainder of her life!”

Wow! Talk about PROFIT. The widow woman was not only empowered to settle her debt but also had enough to live off the remainder of her life.

That is what I do. I empower today’s business owners, specifically empower frustrated, bootstrapping side hustlers who want to increase revenues and profits so that they can realize and actualize the best course of action to build the business of their dreams!

Yes, I can empower you with the foundational knowledge and tools to understand your business numbers which will propel you “on target to profit”!

My Elevator Pitch: 

I empower frustrated, bootstrapping business hustlers who want to increase revenues and profits so that they can have complete clarity to build the business of their dreams!

My business avatar:

Her name is Bunkie — She is a single mother of two or more children and public assistance is insufficient for her family and needs. She deserves more but because society has labeled her as a widow or even a felon she is shackled with mere minimal wage jobs. Public assistance pays more for sustainability, but she has debt that must be cleared.  She is in her mid-20s and she has skills or talent that she can generate money but she needs help to achieve the greatness that she feels she deserves plus settle some debt she currently has. She wants HELP in making certain her commodity gets the money she deserves and that she can grow her business while minimizing investing time.

She has debt that she feels obligated to clear. Her children are growing, and she does not want to lose them to the govt. She has had some success with taking her skills/talent and generating some money to meet the monthly obligations, but she is now seeking consistent income, less personal time spent, and she is coachable. She is resourceful. She is bold. Just make it legal!

BUT now she just wants to start. And she is willing to pay me for my information and services because she is a bootstrapping hustler.

Is that you?

Let’s connect as soon as possible because I, Sandra Lynch understand your current situation and can assist you with turning your business passion into a profitable business venture with Seeing It. Planning It. Working It. In order that you can Live It!

I have discovered the missing link that many business owners FIRST must know in order to successfully launch and sustain their business passion. The missing link for many business owners is understanding the various whats and hows of their business’s break-even point numbers.

I have developed an easy to learn curriculum to learn the what and how calculating break-even point and sales dollars as well as a simple to use calculator program.  This information is introduced through the company’s Online Business Concierge introductory service/product  Get Client’s Now!.  This introductory service/product provides the client with laser-focused business financial goals (BEP unit as well as BEP sales dollars) with an introduction to writing their Get Client’s Now! 30-day marketing accountability plan!