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Who is Color Accounting™ For?

Financial Literacy is a core competency in any organization. Color Accounting™ is for anyone who needs to understand how accounting concepts come together. Whether that be a micro business, a start-up, SME or large organization the principles are the same.

We have worked with the smallest (functionally illiterate) micro-businesses in developing economies to the executive teams of the largest multi-nationals, with lawmakers and financial regulators, with trade unions, lawyers, engineers, bankers, and entrepreneurs, with accountants (yes – them too!), manufacturers, importer, and exporters, students and teachers. We’ve accredited in-house trainers at clients. We have worked in the most plush and opulent office towers to the most basic classroom in the outback.

It doesn’t matter who you are, your level of education, where you live or work, your position or status, your color, race or creed: unless you are financially literate you are making decisions, and possibly even giving advice, on limited information. If you want to set yourself free, then you need to increase your business acumen. One critical element of that is your level of financial literacy, and that’s where we come in with Color Accounting.

For Business People…

Financial literary Course Color AccountingBusinesspeople learning with Color Accounting™ tell us that the visual Framework is a valuable tool that makes a big difference to their learning and application of concepts. By understanding the structure, language movement within the Color Accounting Framework™ they can have more powerful conversations with staff and advisors. Confusion and miscommunication are avoided.

Sometimes what would have been major obstacles to communication and agreement are overcome with just the point of a finger. The new insights into their business’ finances let businesspeople manage profitability, cash flow, and working capital better. Potentially fatal mistakes can be avoided, such as confusing income for cash.

For Line Managers…

Many line managers receive financial reports but don’t read them, usually because they don’t understand them. Color Accounting™ will engage them in the finance process. They will be able to create better budgets and manage their spend. They will communicate with the Finance team and understand how they fit into the organization.

For Sales Teams…

Financial literacy is a key skill for sales professionals. It will help them understand their clients’ businesses and pitch with confidence at a senior level. They will even be able to identify more suitable prospects!

Salespeople are typically extroverted not number oriented. They will naturally steer away from the figures but Color Accounting™ gives them the confidence they need in a training environment that is fun and engaging.

Salespeople that can read financial statements will be able to structure better deals e.g. if a prospect is having cash flow issues the salesperson can ask his finance team for better credit terms in return for an increased rate.

For Students…

accounting studies Color AccountingIf you need help with your accounting studies, whether at a high school, university or in completing your MBA or other business qualification, we’re here to help you – see the options below to see what will work best for you. Of course, if you would like to benefit from our discounted educational pricing scheme, just get your department head or professor to drop us a line and we’ll organize an inexpensive Color Accounting™  Site License – it’s definitely worth it.